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Accounting Services

Outsourced Accounting

We are capable of handling all your accounting needs. This includes: Bookkeeping Services, system monitoring and control that offer a range of services which can help relieve your business of the burden of bookkeeping and accounts work. For a business which cannot afford an in-house accountant it may be more efficient to use our resources.

Tax Services

These includes Value added taxes (VAT),Withholding Tax (WHT), Company Income Tax (CIT)

 Pay as you Earn(PAYE), Pension, Personal Income tax, Business premises levy, educational tax. We handle the tax matters of our clients and ensure that they pay adequate tax in relation to their profit as much as the existing tax laws permit

Auditing service

This Service is designed based on a robust understanding of each client, its industry and its environment. With this understanding, we assess controls and the risks of material misstatement of the financial statements, including those caused by fraud. We design and perform audit procedures to address risks that may precipitate material misstatements of the financial statements


We have a collection of management training programmes that are geared towards providing individuals with a host of tools and techniques that will better equip them in the work and business environment..

Accounting Automation

Accounting products

Advisory Services

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