This is a course you don’t want to miss if you want to acquire knowledge, A lot of accountants avoid this aspect when preparing the financial accounts and hand it over to the tax consultant to continue from there. It could be complicated but when you learn how to go about it in a simplified and detailed way, you will be eager to work on it without any hesitation.

This course is for:

1. Accountants

2. Tax practitioners

3. Accounting Graduates to be 

4. Anyone who handles tax matters

At the end of the course, you will learn everything about Company Income Tax from Start to Finish,

1. Definition of Company Income Tax
2. Terminologies in CIT
3. Disallowable expenses
4. Allowable expenses
5. How to calculate adjusted profit
6. Capital allowance
7. How to calculate capital allowance
8. Procedures of capital allowance
9. Capital allowances relief
10. Loss relief
11. Withholding tax 12. Processes of CIT
13. Computation of CIT
14. Computation of minimum tax
15.  Computation of Education Tax
16. Practical scenerios

This CIT course can be viewed at your pace, you will get to watch the videos over and over again and ask questions from the facilitator directly. 

It is possible you have a tax consultant handling your tax matters at least have knowledge of what it entails in order to understand it better.

There are 2 methods of payment:

1. Direct transfer – 

Becadel Solutions 


Access bank

2. Flutterwave Account 

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